Shockerwick Studios Terms & Conditions

  • Shockerwick Studios shall make the studio available to the Client for the period of booking and shall produce the master recording at the direction and subject to the monitoring and approval of the Client.
  • The Client shall receive the finished master after paying in full, by cash or after bank clearance of a cheque payment. Shockerwick Studios hold full ownership of the master until the full balance of payment is made.
  • The Client undertakes that it shall indemnify Shockerwick Studios against any loss arising from the Client's cancellation of booking including any reasonable expenses incurred by Shockerwick Studios in connection with the booking.
  • The Client warrants that nothing whatever shall be included in the Recording which constitutes a breach or infringement of any copyright or shall be in any way illegal and the Client shall indemnify Shockerwick Studios against any liability in respect thereof and shall pay all costs and expenses which may be incurred by Shockerwick Studios in reference to any such claim.
  • It is a condition of this agreement that all Client's recordings shall have been copied by the Client before delivery to Shockerwick Studios, and that Shockerwick Studio's liability for loss of or damage to a Clients recording shall be limited to the value of the media on which it is recorded.